Security Technology for your Beach House

Every holiday beach homeowner enjoys their home away from home. It is the place where you go to unwind and leave your troubles behind. The last thing people want is to be worrying about the safety of the beach house.

What are the safety and security challenges for shore homeowners?

Challenge #1: You’re not always there

The typical number of times owners spend at their holiday home averages about a month annually. Given this statistic, there is a high likelihood that neither you nor your neighbours are around often.

Challenge #2: The weather may be an issue

People living in Eastern Virginia may experience extreme inclement weather, like hurricanes and flooding, which can devastate your home and its stunning beach theme decor. Lightning can easily short electric systems and/or lead to house fires.

The climate itself may have a large effect on home security and safety. Humidity and moisture may warp wood, which may skew the closures in your doors and windows, making your home an easy target for thieves.

Too much humidity and moisture can wreak havoc on computer hardware, electrical systems and mechanical mechanisms. This may lead to your security technology to malfunction.

Challenge #3: Some of the most idyllic holiday places are off the beaten path

Many holiday homes are tucked away in a cove or concealed by trees and high-growing shrubs and grass. While the privacy is excellent, hidden residences which are removed from view and do not see plenty of traffic can be quite tempting to home invaders.

Can a house alarm system make a holiday house safer?

Burglars tend to target holiday homes throughout the off-season. This makes sense since they know that it’s empty for days, weeks and possibly months. Though your property is empty, it is possible to deter burglars with a home security and surveillance system that’s apparent.

A home with no security system is three times more likely to be broken into than a house with one. A door or window sticker or lawn sign stating that your home is protected with a safety system is a deterrent.

Are home security systems even that effective?

When they are bundled with other elements, home alarm systems may provide benefits beyond security and safety.

Did you know that many home security systems come packed with smoke, fire and carbon dioxide sensors? These wise systems are often routed to a tracking company. In the first sign of trouble, the tracking company receives an automatic notification.

They, then, speak to the homeowner. In most cases, the fire department is contacted in the event the smoke and fire detectors sound the alert.

Video surveillance is beneficial

Needless to say, we usually think about video surveillance concerning security. If your house alarm system is installed with a program, you can see who is at the door, even if you’re not there.

With internal and external video feed, you can see what is happening in- and out your home, whether you are there or not. Perhaps you’ve got a sitter and you want to keep an eye on them? Video surveillance can help. You have a cleaning person who comes in once a month to clean up your holiday home. You can see if they are doing what they need to. Perhaps your children are spending a weekend in your holiday home with friends? You can monitor them to ensure they don’t ruin your coastal home interiors.

Video surveillance is a way for safety, but it is also an exceptional way to check in your house when you want, wherever you are.

There’s plenty of smart house features that may be added to your home alarm system.

With the progress of wireless home security technologies and cloud-based systems which can be managed using a simple dashboard, you can do so much more with your home alarm system, if you bundle it with other products.

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