Tech Trends in the Real Estate Industry

The property business has changed a good deal during the previous ten years. Also new technology has had a surprising quantity of effect on how real estate brokers perform their tasks. At precisely the same time, comparison websites and other newcomers into the business are giving customers more excellent choice when it comes to looking for property for sale and selling a property.

Here are only a couple of the trends which are set to interrupt the real estate sector in 2018 and beyond.

1. Blockchain

Blockchain is the underlying technology supporting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but it is not simply the new payment approaches which are set to change the way we do property. The blockchain is a decentralized database which cannot be compromised, making sure that the integrity of the information and allowing secure storage for all company documents.

For property brokers, if such a system were to become mainstream, it might dramatically decrease the possibility of fraud and let us get more information on individual properties and house owners. This is welcome news for the real estate brokers and their clients, but it would also need them to alter the current systems to incorporate blockchain information inside their existing workflows.

2. Virtual and augmented reality

AR and VR technology are big news at the moment since they’re quickly getting more and more workable as customer technologies. Observe how AR and VR can shake the property market: Imagine if people could have a virtual tour of a possible home before they travelled to view it. It may make the entire process considerably more effective, and it may also cause individuals more inclined to generate a purchase.

Meanwhile, the augmented reality can come in handy when folks are attempting to imagine what a vacant home will look like when they have moved their furniture indoors. If a possible buyer has taken the measure of figuring out precisely what the house will look like, the odds are that they are keen enough to create an offer.

3. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

These three technologies are in their best when they work together because AI may be utilised to process the information throughout the procedure of system learning, identifying new routines which we may not have seen previously. Just imagine how successful it is to get notice of a fashion that will influence home prices like if a lot of school graduates are unexpectedly flooding to the region.

This information (and the capability to comprehend it) could be the trick to success in the actual estate sector moving ahead. If we are ready to acquire an extensive perspective of the home marketplace, we could more correctly respond to what is occurring and utilise information to back decisions. This allows you as a real estate agents to come up with informed solutions for your business which you then pass onto customers.

4. Chatbots

As artificial intelligence gets better and better in communicating natural language, so also will the chat robots which AI powers. They are quickly becoming the new standard across a wide selection of businesses thanks to their capacity to lessen the total amount of time that workers will need to put in while enabling the user to check at what is on the marketplace. Customers can find answers to simple questions about home prices at any time without waiting for an operator or be on the phone.

The excellent thing about chatbots is they can work round the clock with no pauses if the website is functioning, so if nothing else then they could provide your company with a more potent means to process customer questions from hours. Used correctly, they can even turn into an integral element of your marketing strategy, capturing data and generating prospects which may move on to become paying clients.

5. Peer to peer communication and social media

This tendency has been happening for many years now, and it is not likely to stop anytime soon. Because of the growth of the web, discussion forums and social networking websites, it has never been easier for folks to skip realtors altogether and negotiate deals within themselves. Online property sales is a booming business thanks to the internet as buyers like to do research and access information before they reach out to agents.

This is a significant threat to the property business, and lots of organisations are responding intuitively by attempting to restrict the breadth of information they discuss their listings and on the lookout for ways to interrupt the peer-reviewed procedure. Real estate businesses need to improve their services further and offer information that is exclusive to retain customers.


No business is resistant to technological advancement, and property is the same. In reality, you can argue that the only certainty in the forthcoming years is doubt, and we might well realise that the principal driver of change in 2018 and beyond will probably be some new technologies which have not been devised yet.

That is why it’s crucial that you keep on top of the tech trends and it is a fantastic idea to continue to keep your eyes on the technology sites along with the important shows during the year so it is possible to be quick to respond to anything which may come together and change the business. Undertake best practice benchmarking with your competitors to determine whether you are in touch with the trends. It is worth taking risks and being ahead in the tech field rather than falling behind and being outdated. Businesses can choose to utilise the 80/20 method where 20% of the time is used in adopting new technologies, therefore minimising risk but taking advantage of developments.

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